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It is frequently ordered as a part of routine physical examination when your doctor thinks that you have symptoms of liver or kidney disease; sometimes when you have symptoms associated with malnutrition. Frequently, it is ordered prior to any planned surgery to check the nutritional status. Proteins circulate in your body via blood to maintain fluid balance. Albumin is a protein that is synthesize by the liver. It is one of the proteins that are abundantly present in your blood. Albumin helps maintain fluid balance by preventing the fluid from leaking out of the blood vessels. It gives your body the necessary proteins for the growth and repair of cells and tissues. This protein also helps in the transportation of vital hormones and nutrients. You are at a higher risk of developing abnormal albumin levels if you have an open wound or burn or just got out of surgery. The Albumin Test is a simple blood test that measures the level of albumin in your blood. For example, when you undergo surgery, get burnt or have multiple open wounds, your body’s albumin levels drop. To ensure that your body has the right amount of albumin, your doctor will prescribe the Albumin Test. If you have abnormal albumin levels that are not caused by any of the above reasons, it is a sign that your kidneys or liver are not functioning properly. A healthy liver makes albumin from the protein consumed through food. If your liver stops functioning or is functioning incorrectly, this process stops or gets reduced. Albumin levels drop because of improper functioning of the liver or kidney. The Albumin Test is thus done to rule out conditions of the kidney, liver and pancreas. The purpose of the Albumin Test is to evaluate the levels of albumin in your blood. If your albumin levels are too high or too low, it can indicate an underlying health condition. Screening of any disease is done when you try to identify the health condition before any symptoms arise. While screening for albumin is not usually conducted, you may include the Albumin Test with a series of other tests in a comprehensive metabolic panel. Your doctor will advise a Serum Albumin Test as a part of the entire metabolic panel required to check for kidney issues. This metabolic panel includes tests for levels of Creatinine, Pre albumin, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Albumin. Studies have shown that the Serum Albumin Test can be used as a prognostic marker for Covid-19 in India. In addition, the research stated that Covid-19 patients had lower albumin levels in their blood, which plays a vital role in their survival.



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