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Human growth hormone tests are used to evaluate if your body is producing an average amount of growth hormone (GH). The results of growth hormone tests can help your doctor diagnose GH deficiency, gigantism, acromegaly and other growth hormone disorders. The pituitary gland is a pea-sized organ located in the base of the brain that produces growth hormones. GH is a substance that is responsible for your body’s growth rate. It also plays a direct role in controlling metabolism, the rate at which your body uses oxygen to produce energy. Growth hormone boosts a child’s growth and later helps maintain the vitality of tissue and organs throughout life. During childhood, the growth hormone influences a child’s height, bone and muscles. The levels of GH fluctuates throughout the day and is affected by physical activities. GH level rises through childhood and peaks during puberty. The growth hormone promotes bone and cartilage development and later monitors our bodies’ fat, tissue, muscles and bones during this stage. It also oversees aspects of our metabolism, such as the action of insulin over blood sugar. Adults or children with insufficient amounts of GH can face health complications. Since GH fluctuates throughout the day, a standard blood test does not provide enough information about GH levels. Hence, growth hormone levels are assessed by measuring other substances that are related to GH production. There are different kinds of GH tests that will help your doctor identify any disorder related to the growth hormone. Growth hormone tests are not prescribed usually. Your doctor will recommend a GH test if they suspect that the level of GH in your body is abnormal. According to their initial diagnosis, your doctor can prescribe more than one growth hormone test.



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