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IgM blood test helps to check whether an individual is having normal or abnormal levels of IgM in the blood. The full form of IgM is immunoglobulin M. It is the largest antibody that appears first in response to initial exposure to any foreign antigen. That is, whenever a foreign agent intrudes your body, the IgM is the first antibody to appear. The detection of this antibody is often interpreted as an indicator of an acute infection. The IgM antibody can latch on to specific antigens without any prior immunisation. That is why it is known as the body’s natural antibody. By neutralising the pathogen directly, this antibody initiates an immune response towards a foreign intrusion immediately. In India, over 20.8% of the population suffers from low immunity. Older people and teens fall ill way more than young adults in the country. The city with the lowest immunity levels observed in individuals is Kolkata, while Chandigarh shows the healthiest trends. IgM tests help monitor how healthy an individual’s immune system is. The IgM test is a rapid blood test that helps detect the IgM antibodies present in an individual’s body. IgM test is used for the diagnosis of acute or reactivated infection. An IgM test can be conducted together with IgG and IgA tests or separately. If IgM gets detected in your body, you may be currently infected by a foreign body. The IgM test is prescribed to individuals showing standard symptoms to monitor their immune response. However, IgM test results can also indicate that you’ve recently recovered from an infection like COVID-19. The IgM test accurately detects an active bacterial or viral infection. Some of these symptoms include recurrent infection of the respiratory tract like pneumonia and sinusitis and infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Other symptoms are elevated IgM levels leading to reduced IgG levels and IgM deficiency. Doctors also recommend the IgM test to monitor a condition that affects immunoglobulin M levels periodically. The test can also be a part of evaluating autoimmune ailments like celiac disease or lupus and allergies.


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