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A magnesium blood test is used to evaluate the levels of magnesium In the blood. Magnesium is a chemical element needed in our body in appropriate amounts to carry out numerous functions. Magnesium has the following functions in the body – Maintaining a healthy immune system, Promoting strong bone strength, Regulating normal muscle function, Keeping the nerves in control, Checking the blood glucose levels in the body. A Magnesium Test helps to keep these levels of Magnesium in the body in check. A high amount of Magnesium in the body can lead to a condition called hypermagnesemia. A low amount of Magnesium in the body can lead to a condition called hypomagnesemia. The Magnesium levels in the body are usually checked via a blood sample. A Magnesium Test is usually prescribed to check for the severity of kidney-related diseases. It is also done to check the levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in the blood. This is because low levels of Magnesium can also lead to low levels of these elements, as Magnesium is an important part of the Calcium Regulation Cycle in the body. The Calcium Regulation Cycle is responsible for maintaining the level of calcium in the body. In the Indian subcontinent, a low magnesium intake is increasingly linked to osteoporosis conditions, especially in women. Osteoporosis is a bone condition in which the density of the bones becomes alarmingly low and the bones become porous or weak or fragile. Magnesium is essential in maintaining bone strength and calcium levels in the body and therefore calls for regular Magnesium levels. Regular Magnesium Testing would not only promote better bone health but also help to keep other diseases at bay.


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