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PTH levels in the blood may be measured to determine the presence of hyperparathyroidism and its possible role in abnormal calcium levels. Parathyroid hormone, abbreviated as PTH, is also known as the life-saving hormone. The hormone regulates calcium balance in the body and is secreted by four parathyroid glands surrounding the thyroid gland. Calcium is necessary for the formation of teeth, bones, clotting, the release of hormones and the maintenance of the nervous system. The hormone targets the kidneys, intestines and bones. The primary purpose of the parathyroid hormone is to increase calcium levels. It is done via renal calcium resorption and decreasing phosphorus levels. There are two possible scenarios: A low blood calcium level stimulates the parathyroid gland to release PTH in the blood. It results in a normal calcium level. A high blood calcium level causes negative feedback and parathyroid glands stop releasing PTH. It will cause a normal blood calcium level. Any abnormalities in PTH can be detected using the PTH blood test. The test is compatible for both adults and children, irrespective of gender. Your doctor will prescribe a PTH blood test if calcium or phosphorus abnormalities are suspected. Symptoms like increased thirst, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and abdominal pains state this fact. A person needs to fast for eight to twelve hours. They can consume water during this period before the PTH test. To summarise, the primary functions of PTH are: To regulate blood calcium levels 24×7. Phosphate regulation in the body. Synthesising active form of vitamin D. India suffers from an over-functioning parathyroid gland, vitamin D deficiency and other bone disorders at a large scale due to lack of awareness and negligence towards getting routine calcium screening examinations. An over functioning parathyroid gland means hyperparathyroidism. It can result in kidney stones, depression, bone fractures, etc. Thus, getting examined routinely for calcium and parathyroid hormone is an intelligent decision towards leading a healthier lifestyle.


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